Modern Tarot Readings + Pet Bereavement Support

Judy Nuñez Tarot offers customized readings designed to offer clarity around uncertainty and gentle guidance on how to best navigate the unknown. 

Judy supports your journey with two ways to deliver personalized guidance:

◇ Option 1: Conduct your session live By PHone/Web

◇ Option 2: Remote readings delivered to your inbox


All sessions include thoughtful, meticulous preparation of my sacred space, meditation on your inquiry, and a compassionate flow of energy and ideas.

Judy’s readings are audio-recorded for both live and remote clients and images of the tarot spread will also be shared within 24 hours of your session.

Jersey City, New Jersey + Beyond

Judy Nunez Tarot and Pet Bereavement

Gain Clarity

In-Depth and Actionable Tarot

Focused Intent

Get clear guidance about next steps for your immediate path. 

Live or Pre-Recorded

Clarity & Landscape

Illuminate the path ahead with courage and grace as you journey your personal terrain. 

Live or Pre-Recorded

Pet Bereavement

Gain new insights into your familiar, past or present, in a supportive and safe session to explore your grief.

up to 30 | 60 minutes
Live or Pre-Recorded

New Moon, New Year

Start anew with a fresh perspective on what’s working, what hasn’t been, and how you can move forward constructively for success in 2021. 

Live or Pre-Recorded

How Is Tarot Read?

Sessions are offered both LIVE and REMOTE to your inbox, but both experiences offer a holistic and sincere approach to interpreting your tarot spread.

Your intention is  first deeply meditated upon in a sacred space upon receipt of your request and offering for services.

Judy will then utilize her innate gift for interpreting tarot cards as a means of exploring past and present situations on your path.

You will then receive actionable and compassionate solutions designed to help heal, soothe, and motivate even the most weary spiritual travelers.

Pivot With Grace

Learn RESILIENCE And Tenacity

What Can You Ask?

Our valued clients utilize their session to:

– Explore emerging parts of their personality

– Discuss awakened senses

– Work through grief and loss in a safe, supported environment

– Navigate relationships with their loved ones and selves.

Judy offers support for those that need gentle guidance on the most productive way to frame their query going into their session.

Learn More About Judy Nuñez Tarot 

Judy Nuñez

Judy Nuñez is a first-generation Dominican who has made it her mission to uplift and amplify spiritually-inclined individuals on their path through life’s challenges and uncertainties and support those through the healing process of loss.

Judy’s dedication to the pet community extends to not just dogs and cats with her award-winning Hudson County Pet care company, Tails On Trails, but the caregivers of animals.  This has included the creation of the Dog Walkers of New Jersey, a platform designed to provide resources and guidance to stewards of our four-legged friends.

Judy has had a special connection to animals from birth whether it was dogs, cats, or her two chickens Pito and Pita, her first pets as a child in the Dominican Republic.  Through specialized tarot reading sessions, she can extend her gift to pet families seeking closure and clarity on their furry loved ones, both present and past.

Judy has a demonstrated ability to connect deeply and warmly in a relatable, conversational approach to tarot’s wisdom, and the ability to untangle internal unrest with actionable ways to move up and move on.


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